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Finally there's interest in your script!
Our 'Pitch Package' will teach you to give a compelling presentation on your script. But we go a step further and teach you the techniques of how to continue to engage your audience. Improve your pitch in just 3 sessions through:  
The Craft of Presentation
We focus on your vocal delivery, emotional resonance, and narrative organization.

Our 'Pitch Package' Allows You
To Effectively Use What Follows...
Given a chance to pitch your story, here are some things you should prepare for:
  1. introduce yourself - talents - experences
  2. how did you come up with the story
  3. know the interviewer (if possible)
  4. story title and how it relates to your story
  5. what genre(s) does your story fit into
  6. does your story have a High-Concept
  7. is your story presented - as a feature or series
  8. what's your story's logline
  9. what's your story's theme
  10. what's unique about your story
  11. what taglines go with your story
  12. prepare a short 2 to 5 minute synopsis
  13. who do you envision as the character leads
  14. what have you done to advance your story
  15. estimated budget to produce
  16. what other stories have you created
Luck Favors the Prepared

when given the opportunity don't waste it - if you're asked if you have other ideas and you say you don't, then like Keyser Söze your connection will vanish like tears in rain - never to return - a moment lost forever.