Do you do coaching and training online?
Yes! We are big fans of online training. We use video conferencing tools and shared documents to help you develop your best public speaking skills
Are you part of the TED organization?
No. We are an independent organization that helps potential speakers to develop their presentations and prepare their applications to conferences. We connect speaker candidates and TEDx event organizers.
Can I sign up for in-person training? Or do you only work online?
We see clients for in-person coaching too! Come to us in Los Angeles - or we can come to you for an intensive in-person training program at your preferred location.
Our whole leadership team needs help in public speaking - can you train a group?
Yes. We offer customized workshops for whole teams. Then, we follow up with 1:1 coaching to address specific needs of individuals.
Which program is the best for me? I want to be a better speaker, but I don´t know if I´m ready for the TEDx Stage.
We can help! Not all of our clients are aiming for the stage, our techniques work for presenting small lectures, leading meetings, etc. FIll out the Human Deep Learning-Mini, our special learning tool with 10 questions that will crystalize your vision and current skill level.
Do you guarantee a spot in a TEDx conference?
No. We cannot guarantee a spot, but we can give you a leg up by streamlining your application process with our TEDx app document and database of TEDx conference websites.
Will you read my script before I submit it to the conference?
Yes! We will read each and every line.

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