Dallas Jones

Dallas Jones - Software innovator and developer who loves storytellin - programmer, image processing, optical metrology, pattern recognition, screen writer, composer, song writer, pianist

CEO & Co-Founder

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Sample Projects
The Script Savant
thescriptsavant @ gmail.com


Sara Ann Schuchert

Sara Ann Schuchert - Linguist, Communications Coach who will try ANYTHING to get the message across

CEO & Co-Founder

Sara Ann works as a communications coach and educator in the US and India. As a student of applied linguistics, neuroscience and performing arts, Sara Ann´s blends the artist´s eye, a keen analytical bent, and strong foundation in scientific research to create a sensitive, joyful, and efficient coaching style.

Good Communication isn´t mysterious or unknowable. It is buildable. Like most good things, communication is made up of pieces of knowledge stitched together to make a whole. So, learn the pieces. Learn to identify those pieces. Layer them together systematically, then creatively - and you will have the foundation and tools necessary to communicate effectively. Piece by piece you can build your message. We are here to help.

Sara Ann has provided coaching and training to numerous individuals and the following organizations among others:

Language Development Services
languagedevelopment @ gmail.com


Phoebe Glick

Phoebe Glick - Social Media, Admin

Phoebe studies communications at UCLA. She has experienced coordinating and running social media campaigns for UCLA community events. Phoebe is an avid dancer too!

We love her energy and perspective.

pglick @ scrollworks.com


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